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Can I get a Ferry to Whitehaven Beach?


So, you’ve heard all about the amazing Whitehaven Beach and that you simply must go during your trip to Australia?! Maybe you met some travellers who recommended a certain boat – but your memory of the name is a bit faded. Maybe you’ve been to other holiday destinations before and you simply island hopped by ferry. Now you’re wondering about the best way to visit this incredible beach. Well, the simple answer is: no, there is no ferry to Whitehaven Beach. But fear not as the long answer will inspire you even more.

When conjuring up an image of a ferry in your brain what do you picture? A large, unappealing people carrier of the sea. We believe Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsundays Islands demand more respect than a ferry. Picture the gentle lapping of the waves on the snow-white sand, stretching for 7kms uninterrupted. ‘Island time’ has taken hold and the only other people you bump into are other travellers coming to see what the fuss is about. No buildings or city noise, and all your worries have drifted away.

So, while there is no ferry to Whitehaven Beach, as such, there are a large number of vessels that can get you to Whitehaven Beach. The different types of vessels range from an awesome power catamaran to a small historic ship and from beautifully crafted, timber yachts to awesome ex-racing maxi sailing yachts. At Explore Whitsundays, you are spoilt for choice; there is a vessel to suit everyone. Some boats are more stable than others, some will take you on an action-packed day trip, and some go on overnight trips. So, you have the power to determine what you want and pick a boat that matches. Remember; it’s not just about the destination, it’s the journey too.

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