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Why you would book an amazing Whitsundays private yacht charter with your friends?

Whitsundays private yacht charter

Private yacht charters, especially on crewed yachts, is a trendy travel choice in the Whitsundays. Private charter means that you have the vessel to yourselves and you have a skipper and host to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe trip.

Private yacht charters range from two to four people on a luxury yacht such as Whitsunday Blue to thirty people on our 100+-year-old tall ship, Solway Lass.

The three benefits of chartering a yacht are:

  1. The chance to unwind
  2. The time to relax
  3. The opportunity to connect

Unwinding is a state of mind generally influenced by your surroundings. The Whitsunday Islands and our yachts, provide the ideal environment for you to slow down, destress and recharge.

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To unwind, we recommend that you:

  • have a long lunch on deck in a secluded bay
  • enjoy sunset drinks and watch the sunset over the water
  • take a stroll along the beach with a friend or partner

At last count, we can up with 37 ways to unwind in the Whitsundays. Maybe you can think of others?

Getting active will help you escape and relax on your private yacht charter.

The four most popular relaxing activities are:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Swimming
  • Walking on National Park trails
  • Snorkelling

Fill your days with fun activities that not only will you enjoy, but you’ll cherish after your back in the office or at work.

The number one reason to organise a private yacht charter is to connect with friends and family. Living aboard a yacht together bring people closer together with many shared experiences. Fun times to chat and laugh, quiet times to reflect and bond. Just sharing the moments is precious. Other styles of holiday don’t make that as easy to do.

Smiling and laughing together does create lasting memories. Shared memories reminds you of why you became friends in the first place.

Want to know more? Ask one of our reservations team to tailor a charter for you and your friends.

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