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School Holiday Sailing Camp Dates

Monday 27th June  – Friday 1st July 2022

Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September 2022

Why come to School Holiday Sailing Camp?

School holidays don’t always come at the most convenient time.  You’ve got work or other commitments, and the last thing you want is your children staying home online all day.

Sailing camp in the Whitsundays is the perfect opportunity for a different type of adventure. Students will develop confidence and expand their social skills with new experiences while getting out of their comfort zone.

Welcome to the Whitsundays

The 74 Whitsunday Islands are at the very heart of the Great Barrier
Reef, a World Heritage site.  Sailing is the best way to explore and experience the true Whitsundays.

During your sailing adventure, you will experience the breathtaking
views at Hill Inlet lookout via a guided bush walk; explore the
extraordinary pure silica sand at Whitehaven Beach; and snorkel in
the dazzling turquoise waters, brimming with marine life.
On an overnight sailing tour, you will also enjoy stunning
Whitsunday’s sunsets, stargazing and the natural beauty of the sunrise.

Meet new friends and create a lifetime of memories.

Join the Club to download your brochure.

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Reserve your spot or check availability.

To check availability and to reserve your spot.   Spots are limited and will be reserved for guests who have paid their deposit.

Email [email protected] or call Emma on 07 4967 7555.


Holiday Camp Activities

Tropical Beach and Island visits

Of course, no trip to the Whitsundays is complete without a stop at Whitehaven Beach. You’ll be blown away by the stunning views and magical feeling of walking along the silica sand! With many other impressive beaches and sand spits to be discovered around the islands, most of which are made up of broken coral fragments.

Snorkelling and Swimming

Drop anchor and the crew will demonstrate safe snorkelling practices. When everyone is ready, grab your snorkelling equipment and prepare to be blown away by the underwater aquarium. Disembark the vessel into the tender. The crew will be on hand in the tender during snorkelling times, ready to direct, answer questions or help anyone.  Our skippers know the region and the bays like the back of their hands. They know exactly where to go if you want to see flourishing coral

Short bush walks or Challenging Half-day Hikes

We can bring you to deserted islands, with short walks up to stunning vistas! Most short walks on the islands are an easily manageable gradient, but still very rewarding.  Dotted around the islands, you can also find half-day hikes, which will bring on a sweat in even the fittest humans! Once you get to the top, you’ll be blown away by the amazing 360-degree views surrounding you! Get the kids active with these challenging walks. We’ve got all the necessary permits and have covered all the risk assessments to carry out the walks safely and effectively.

Learn to Sail

Every student will have the opportunity to get involved and sail a real yacht. Hoist the sails, grab the helm, perform a tack – maybe even learn what those terms mean! Get completely hands-on experience, whilst practising teamwork!

Live Aboard Yacht Experience

Maxi yachts were originally designed for ocean racing.  They have since been rebuilt as a liveaboard charter boat.

Maxi yachts offer a fast, action-packed adventure! Enjoy an amazing sailing experience in the tropical azure waters of the Whitsunday Islands.

Perfect for student groups as it can sleep a whole class. Individual bunks give everyone the room and comfort to enjoy the trip. The large deck space provides ample room to learn and relax. Two London Red Buses could fit end to end on the deck.

For the students who want to be involved, they can help set the sails, have a turn on the wheel and get some awesome sailing photos.

The Captain and crew will provide interpretive information on the Whitsunday Islands and the Marine Park. The crew will also freshly prepare meals on board. We cater for all dietary requirements.

Did you know, Maxi yachts also are even more ‘eco-friendly’ as they use wind power as much as is possible?

Yacht Bunks