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Our Commitment to the Great Barrier Reef - An Irreplacible Icon

At Explore Whitsundays, we appreciate that the reef is an irreplaceable global icon. As an eco-tourism operator whose livelihood depends on promoting and supporting sustainable natural resource management, we understand the importance of educating visitors.

We are proud to working closely with environmental and community groups including:

Participating in our programs will enable us to develop and deliver a wide range of educational content to support our existing educational resources. This content will engage students, visitors and the broader tourism industry.

For many, this will be the first time they have actively participated as citizen scientists in a coral health study. Our content will be focused on their involvement and their commitment to promoting environmental sustainability.

Such content will add to visitors’ understanding of the reef, enabling them to be more informed and to actively promote and disseminate factual information through their networks.

Our role in delivering this content is to inspire people to change their minds and their approach to the issues surrounding the reef’s health. Many formats will be used in the process. These include website content, social media, brochures, webinars, newsletter content. Making such content easy to share will empower our audience to spread the message further, enshrining the values of the reef.

Success will be measured by the number of people who, after their experience, think and act differently. How many people are more informed and are more confident in raising the issue both privately with friends and in public through social media and other digital forums.