Visit Hill Inlet

Hill Inlet is one of the most magical spots not only in the Whitsundays but in the world.

No two visits to Hill Inlet are ever the same. As the tide flows, so does the sand, capturing patterns in the turquoise waters

Located at the northern end of the Whitehaven beach on Whitsunday Island, Hill Inlet is one of the jewels of the Australian landscape. Views of the inlet are amongst the most often uploaded beach photos on Instagram.

Access to Hill inlet is primarily by boat.

Most day trips and overnight sailing adventures will plan a visit on their trip. Occasionally, the weather doesn’t permit access to the area.

To access the lookout is via a short uphill bush walk. This walk is relativity easy and suitable for all ages. Eco-certified operators like ours will provide you with an interpretative talk on the area during the walk. Keep an eye out for the local goanna’s, birds and other animals along the way.

At the lookout, the view opens up to a 180 degree view of Whitehaven Beach and the ocean. The newly redesigned platforms allow a great vantage point for all. Low tide or on the rising tide is a great time to reach the lookout. Your skipper will plan your trip to maximise the view.

Hill Inlet won’t disappoint. Sure you go to some iconic locations around the world and get somewhat frustrated that it never looks as good as the photos. Not here. Because it’s ever-changing it has an energy that is unique to the area. Marvel the turquoise water and spend a few minutes taking in the view. This unique spot is the perfect place to get a panoramic view of Whitsunday Island.

Want to see Hill Inlet for yourself?

Select from one of the many tours that visit the area.


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