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3 Day Whitsunday Cruises

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How to Choose Between Different 3-day Whitsunday Cruises

So, you’re looking at a range of 3-day Whitsunday cruises, but there are so many options, you don’t know where to start. Well let’s break it down and make it easy! There are different types of 3-day cruises to consider. By breaking down your options, it will become much clearer which cruise is the one for you!

The most important factor to break down is the actual duration of the 3-day Whitsunday cruises you’re deciding between, and what you really want. There are a few different trip durations that could fall under a ‘3-day’ cruise.

2 Day 2 Night

For example, and most commonly referred to as ‘2 day 2 night’ trips, these actually span over 3 days. The massive advantage of these cruises means travel to and from the Whitsundays can be included in the 3 days! This is hugely beneficial if you have exactly 3 days to get to the Whitsundays and get out on the water and back. Trips of this duration usually depart at around 2pm, giving you ample time in the morning to arrive promptly for the cruise. Similarly, these tours also return on the third day at around 11am, giving you the remainder of the day to plan your return.

Tours of this duration still provide you with the opportunity to completely relax and allow your brain to switch off. Further to that, you’ll have two chances to watch the glorious Whitsunday sunset and sunrise, and gaze at a stunning star filled night sky. There are many vessels which offer this cruise duration, which all range in style, keep reading to find out about the different styles!


With a more relaxed time frame, more options do become available. Longer duration trips, such as the 3 day and 2 night trip aboard Whitsunday Bliss. This still falls into the 3-day timeframe, however, the start time and return time are extended to make more use of the three days.

Then, there is a 3 day 3 night cruise, which actually spans across 4 days. Similarly, to the 2 day 2 night trips mentioned before, this duration departs the marina at 15pm and returns at 12pm on the fourth day. Once again allowing plenty of time on the arrival and return days to travel to and from the Whitsundays. This particular duration runs only on Whitsunday Blue, once a week and gives the most time out on the water of any scheduled trips!

Other Considerations

Other factors that will affect your choice of cruise include the style of trip you desire. Preferred accommodation style, activities available onboard the boat, food and price will all come into play. Most importantly the kind of trip you’re looking for and who you’re travelling with will play a huge role. Travelling to the Whitsundays as a romantic getaway for you and a loved one is going to affect your choice compared with a solo traveller looking to create new friendships!

When it comes to accommodation style, there are options ranging from open-plan dorm style on the maxi yachts, to vessels with luxury private cabins and ensuite bathrooms. If you are travelling the east coast and happy staying in hostels, being social and sharing facilities, the maxi yachts would suit perfectly. However, if you’re couple preferring some privacy and therefore looking for your own cabin, you’d be more interested Prima as a mid-range option, up to Whitsunday Blue or Bliss as our more luxurious vessels providing adults only tours.

If you’re after a unique vessel to transport you around the islands, Solway Lass has a few different accommodation styles on board, so is very versatile and suitable to many groups. Solway Lass has many extra activities included onboard, perfect for keeping the younger ones entertained!

So having taken in all the different factors, you know which of the many 3-day Whitsunday cruises best suits you and you’re ready to dive straight into the water and book your place now!

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