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Whitsundays Snorkeling

Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing way to explore the fringing reefs, surrounding the abundance of islands in the area. Without needing to obtain and dive license you can still enjoy all that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

There are over 2,900 individual reefs, spread out over 2,600 kilometres, which includes the fringing reefs. These island reefs play host to a vast array of the over 1,600 different species of fish which live in the Great Barrier Reef. You are sure to spot some bright and abundant favourites, such as the Clownfish, Angelfish, and the gentle giant Maori Wrasse.

In addition, turtles find the sea grass beds around the islands the perfect location for feeding and relaxing. It’s not unusual to see a group of turtles while out snorkeling the reef.