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37 ways to unwind in the Whitsundays

37 ways to unwind in the Whitsundays

You, your friends and family deserve a relaxing holiday, one where you can forget the dramas of COVID-19 and unwind in the Whitsundays.

Here are 37 ways you can unwind in the Whitsundays.


  1. Take a 20-minute nap under a tree.
  2. Try paddleboarding for the first time.
  3. Go Snorkelling
  4. Challenge yourself to complete ‘The Whitsunday Peak walk.’
  5. Lie in a hammock
  6. Read a book on the deck.
  7. Listen to your favourite music while strolling Whitehaven Beach.
  8. Enjoy the sunset view.
  9. Order a pre-drink cocktail
  10. Practice yoga on deck as the sun rises
  11. Write about your experiences in a journal.
  12. Be inspired by the view from Hill Inlet.
  13. Drift in the turquoise waters
  14. Converse with a friend or family member
  15. Join a game of volleyball on the beach
  16. Dance it out after dinner
  17. Take in the view from Langford Island.
  18. Sail on Solway Lass, a 100-year old tall ship
  19. Kick-off your shoes
  20. Ask a friend to give you a back massage.
  21. Say hello to someone new and learn something about them.
  22. Smell the ocean
  23. Taste a relaxation cup of tea in the morning
  24. Experience of the thrill of sailing
  25. Sit in the sun for a few minutes and soak up the rays.
  26. Meditate in a quiet natural setting
  27. Mindfully enjoy a delicious meal.
  28. Have a glass of wine with friends.
  29. Listen to the crew playing their guitar.
  30. Stretch those muscles slowly.
  31. Gaze at nature at its best
  32. Walk barefoot on the sand.
  33. Get lost in your imagination.
  34. Learn something new and interesting
  35. Laugh with a friend
  36. Appreciate your surrounding
  37. Forget about being locked down.

Yes, that’s an invitation to come to join us and go sailing in the Whitsundays.

Find a cruise that best suits you. 


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