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Whitsunday Island Tours: 8 Incredible Things To See

a person sitting next to a body of water

Whitsunday Islands Tours: 8 Incredible Things To See

 Your Guide To The Most Beautiful Tropical Islands In Australia

Home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, The Whitsunday Islands offer all that you could wish for. Azure water, fringing coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and lush vegetation.

A group of 74 tropical islands located off Queensland, Australia’s northeastern coast The Whitsunday Islands include one of the seven natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef.

What comes to mind when you think about a Whitsunday Islands tour? Is it Hamilton Island or Daydream Island, or a visit to Whitehaven Beach? As you will discover, a resort stay is incomparable to the vast beauty and activities nature provides.

What if we told you the best way to experience the Whitsundays is onboard the immersive experience of a live-aboard yacht?

Leaving the world behind and setting sail off into the crystal clear waters, all the beauty and wonder of the Whitsunday Islands suddenly becomes accessible.

You’ll experience coastal views at their finest and marvel at marine wildlife from your private deck. Passing through the most famous destination in Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef, your eyes will take in vast clusters of coral and beautiful tropical fish as they swim peacefully to the rhythms of the pristine waters.

It’s time to discover the dazzling beauty of the 8 best places things to do in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands which are only accessible by boat:

#1 The Famous Whitehaven Beach

Sink your toes into the white silica sands of the renowned and award-winning Whitehaven Beach. Swim the crystal clear waters of this insta-worthy destination. Of course, you could take a day trip from your resort – but why the extra expense and limited time frame? Instead, anchor your private yacht and enjoy for as long as you like. Swim the calm and sheltered waters or try paddle-boarding straight off the beach. The southern end offers a range of lookouts and walks which you can do.

The sand is extremely fine and brilliant white which means it doesn’t heat up and burn during the hottest hours of the day. You can comfortably walk on it at all times. One fun thing to do is to clean your jewellery in the sand. Its pure quartz material combined with the seawater enables you to polish your favourite ring or chain with just a little scrub. Watch it shine in the sunlight!

a body of water with Whitehaven Beach in the background


#2 Iconic Hill Inlet Walk and Lookout

Explore the breathtaking beauty of the world-famous Hill Inlet. A short ten minute walk offers breath-taking views of the inlet and swirling sand blended with turquoise colours. Stroll along each of the three viewing platforms and take that perfect Instagram photo. Enjoy the walk along the boardwalk to Betty’s Beach. There, you can go for a swim and get up close with baby lemon sharks and rays as they cruise along the shallow water. This is a must-see destination that is included in your private yacht itinerary.

View of Whitehaven Beach

#3 Enjoy Sunset Drinks Aboard Your Private Yacht

Enjoy uninterrupted views of the spectacular Whistsundays sunsets. Sit back and relax with a drink and nibbles as the sun goes down and your crew sail you to your calm anchorage for the evening.  A magical moment that will take your breath away.

#4 Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

Away from the crowds, visit the remote Hook Island. It offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Whitsundays and the opportunity to see whales frolicking in Whitsunday Passage (between June to September). You can also hike to ancient aboriginal cave shelters, a stunning fresh-water rock pool and waterfall on the island. Your Skipper will take you to many of the best snorkelling destinations around the Whitsunday Islands which are away from the crowds.


#5 Stargaze The Southern Sky

The Whitsunday Islands are one of the best stargazing spots in Australia. Wine in hand, it’s just you and the sound of the water lapping the boat. With no bright lights in sight – this is an experience that is second to none.

Walk the Whitsundays

#6 Swim Secluded Bays That You Have All To Yourself

Say goodbye to crowds and ask your Skipper to whisk you away to a secluded bay or quiet inlet. Sun-bake on the white sand, snorkle the fringing reef and enjoy the ocean to yourself swimming in the tranquil turquoise water.

#7 Visit A Resort

The beautiful thing about sailing is that you can experience the benefits of a resort as well. Anchor into Hamilton Island for dinner and drinks one evening, or visit Daydream Island on a day pass (or vice versa). There are unique experiences on Hamilton Island for kids such as WILD LIFE Hamilton Island, bowling, go-kart track, and playing mini-golf.

a man riding a wave in the ocean swimming in the water

#8 Hike The Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands are located in the protected Whitsunday Islands National Park. They are home to some absolutely fantastic walking tracks, including the Ngaro Sea Trail. Being that they aren’t connected to the mainland, the only way to access the island tracks is by boat. Ask the crew onboard your private yacht which trails they recommend for you and your group. If hiking is a passion of yours then join one of our Walk The Whitsundays charter onboard our 100 year old ship, Solway Lass.


a person sitting on a rock next to a body of water



The Whitsundays attract approximately 2.6 million people each year, making it one of Australia’s largest visitor destinations.

A private live-aboard yacht is the most ideal way to see these destinations which are away from the crowds and only accessible by boat.

Experience a holiday that is unforgettable, rich in nature, and diverse in activities. It will take your breath away with every turn as our expert crew lead you to some of the most beautiful destinations your eyes have ever seen.

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise to relax, recharge, and escape the mundane routine of everyday life, then it’s time to book your trip. Fly into Prosperine Airport (Airlie Beach) and arrive at the Marina for your departure. Our charters are ‘walk on, walk off’. Your gourmet meals, snacks, and all that you need for your holiday are provided.

The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is the dry season, between May and October, when humidity is low and visibility is better.

Choose Your Charter Boat

We have six private charter vessels purpose-built for small-group overnight sailing in the Whitsunday Islands.

Your preferences are paramount on a private charter. We can tailor itineraries, duration and meal options to ensure you leave your holiday completely satisfied. Don’t just set your watch to island time, set your watch to you-time as you relax and enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest.  With meals, cleaning and sailing looked after, you won’t have to lift a finger!

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Ready For These 8 Incredible Experiences On Your Own Private Whitsunday Islands Tour?

Our Private Charter Team can also help to organise all details of your charter. We can arrange airport transfers to/from your accommodation or the marina, taking the pressure off your shoulders.

We will go through every detail to make sure everything works. This means you can relax, show up and enjoy your holiday!

Find out when you will experience the best weather in the Whitsundays here.

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