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How to Choose the Best Snorkelling Tours in the Whitsundays

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How to Choose the Best Snorkelling Tours in the Whitsundays

Snorkelling tours in the Whitsundays are made possible by the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a wonder of the Natural World, a magical place where vibrant coral and fish can thrive. The Whitsunday Islands are located at the very heart of the Great Barrier Reef, between the reef itself and the mainland of Australia. This provides the Whitsunday Islands with protection from incoming weather systems meaning the waters are generally calm. You can also find some of the most spectacular fringing coral reef arrangements around the islands.

Fringing coral reef is a term used to describe the reefs that form around the islands. This is because they grow from the shallow waters around the islands, rather than from the depths of the ocean floor. Due to their sheltered nature, they often act as a nursery area for younger fish. Though, you can also see larger species too, such as Maori Wrasse and up to seven different species of turtle.

There are many sheltered bays situated around the Whitsunday Islands where you will find these blooming fringing coral reefs. Our top five snorkelling locations in the Whitsundays include:

  • Mackerel Bay on Hook Island
  • Luncheon Bay on Hook Island
  • Manta Ray Bay on Hook Island
  • Cateran Bay on Border Island
  • Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island

Although, there are great spots dotted all over the place, so there will be no shortage of options.

The great news for you is – as a part of every boat tour with Explore Whitsundays – whether a day trip or overnight, you will be given the chance to jump into this underwater playground. So with all our tours, rest assured you will get one of the best snorkelling tours in the Whitsundays.

Watch as tiny tropical fish dart from one intricate coral formation to another. Become acquainted with a turtle or try your luck at finding Nemo. Marvel in wonder as thousands of colourful fish swirl around you, as you mind your own business. The more still you are, the more the fish will appear!

When choosing where to go – it’s best to trust the experts! On a charter with Explore Whitsundays, your skipper will have plenty of experience and will know the Whitsundays inside and out. They will take many factors into account to determine the best place for your group to visit on that day.

These factors mainly include; the weather, the direction of the wind and the tide. They may also factor in particular conditions of the reef such as depth, access to the beach and coral drop offs to give your group the best snorkelling experience possible. By trusting them to make these decisions, you’ll be rewarded with the clearest and liveliest waters possible!

Here are some of our favourite overnight Whitsunday tours that will give you the maximum chance of going to some amazing snorkelling spots…